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The New Face of Coating Technologies

Ceramic Pro and its manufacturer Nanoshine Ltd are changing the dynamics of the coating industry. The company has for years worked on industrial multifunctional protective coatings for all surfaces and strives to continuously improve their products.

In 2010 Nanoshine Ltd introduced Ceramic Pro – a series of products for the automotive, air and marine markets suited for surfaces such as paint, glass, alloy, fabric, leather, plastic and rubber. What makes Ceramic Pro different is the cutting edge technology based on ceramic molecular compounds (nanoceramics). The formula is world patented and it has taken ten years of research and testing to bring the product to where it is today. All formulas include SiO2.

All Ceramic Pro products have been tested by SGS

the world‘s leading inspection, verification and certification entity. Ceramic Pro achieved the highest possible result in each test; no other automobile paint protection product to date has been officially tested. All products within the Ceramic Pro range have been tested and certified as non-toxic.

Windows & Facades

The coating protects the surface from hard water, calcium build up, watermarks, sand and dirt. The water that hits the surface beads and rolls off taking the dirt with it, giving the surface a self-cleaning property.


Ceramic Pro on treated marble gets glossy and very liquid repellent. Once applied it protects the surface from all sorts of stains, scratches and at the same time allows the stone to breath. There is no need for waxes or sealants once the product is applied. The longevity is multiple years.


Strong can be applied to most wood surfaces. It can be used instead of oils, stains and sealants. The coating prevents UV rays and water from damaging the surface.


Train cars and wall paintings are targets for graffiti painters around the world. With a Ceramic Pro protective coating, graffiti paint will not bond to the surface and can be removed with a simple pressure wash.On train cars the coating also protects against brake sparks leaving marks on the cars.

Trucks & Excavators

The coating on these vehicles protects the exterior from all sorts of abuse and lowers maintenance costs substantially. Trucks become easy to clean as it prevents the material from sticking to the exterior.


Strong is used to protect the surface of your kitchen cabinets and kick plates from the general ware and tear of every day life. Over time your once new kitchen looses its new gloss, children running on to cabinets with toys, the vacuum cleaner hitting the corners. Strong will extend the life of your kitchen.

Counter tops

Ceramic Pro on treated counter tops gets glossy and very liquid repellent. Once applied it protects the surface from all sorts of stains, scratches There is no need for waxes or sealants once the product is applied. The longevity is multiple years.


Ceramic pro is perfect for leather or fabric. It has amazing Hydrophobic effects making the surface of your furniture stain resistant as liquid such as red wine will just run off leaving an easy clean up.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is not always stainless. Our coating bonds to stainless steel and gives it additional protection and gloss when needed.


Ceramic Pro protects the aircraft from the extreme climates and contaminates. With multiple layers and the right maintenance Ceramic Pro will prevent rain erosion, sky drawl and icing. Once applied it will also reduce drag which saves fuel.


Ceramic pro is used to protect pipelines from corrosion as well as on oil rigs to lower maintenance costs. The surface gets so slick that dirt, oil and debris does not stick. This dramatically reduces maintenance cost.

Other Industries & Application

Below are some of the industries and surfaces we work with. Our line of products serves all surfaces that need any kind of protection. Automotive, Fabrics, Suede, Stainless steel, Counter tops, Sunglasses, Railings, Refrigerators, Exhaust pipes

Application Heavy Industry

Strong can be applied with air guns, brushes or sponges. When working on surfaces where gloss is a factor, a wipe off procedure can be used to remove residue and avoid spots and streaks.

Curing Condition

Allow Strong to air dry (ambient curing). Parts will be tack free after approximately 30 to 120 minutes. Until this point the coating is still wet and care should be taken to not bump or touch the parts. Parts will be partially cured after 24 hours and fully cured 5 to 7 days after application. The curing time can be reduced by the use of infrared heaters. Do not expose the surface to water within the first 24 hours.

Surface Preparation

The preparation of a substrate is crucial for maximum adhesion and performance. Swedish Standard (SIS 055900) Sa 2.5 – Sa 3: Blast cleaning is used to visually clean steel. The surface should be completely free from oil, grease, mill scale and rust. Steel Structures Painting Council, USA SSPC – SP – 5: When viewed without magnification, the surface shall be free of all visible oil, grease, dust, dirt, mill scale, rust, coating, oxides, corrosion products and other foreign matter. Surface Profile (Anchor pattern) The height of surface profile (average peak to valley depth) is a factor in the performance of various coatings applied to steel. Strong is suitable for surfaces between 1 and 30 microns.

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