Ceramic Pro Aviation

Although a large majority of car manufacturers and detailers utilise Ceramic Pro’s products and formulas for car paint and surface protection, Ceramic Pro is also perfect for aviation, planes, jets, and helicopters.

The formula utilised by Nano Shine in their Ceramic Pro products is versatile and creates a resilient bond with all surfaces to protect against chemical and weather corrosion. Ceramic Pro’s paint protection product for example is so strong that in addition to repelling water, dirt, and grease, it is also anti-graffiti. For planes, jets, and helicopters, there’s also a high-end protection formula that Nanoshine offers which is called Ceramic Pro Strong which protects against the harshest of chemicals, acids, and alkalis.

What Makes Ceramic Pro Different?

Unlike waxes and sealants that have to be continuously applied to planes, jets, and helicopters, the Ceramic Pro solution is permanent. Nano Shine does offer a 24 month version of their product, but the permanent formula will never come off a paint finish once it is applied.

Many owners of planes and helicopters will apply Ceramic Pro to the exteriors to insure that they don’t have to keep paying for wax and sealant products as well as labor. Planes and helicopters are prone to weather battering that is best avoided with a permanent solution.

Unlike other products that merely stick to paint surfaces, Ceramic Pro forms a permanent molecular bond with the surface it is applied to. This insures that it will never come off, and the only way to remove Ceramic Pro is by sanding the surface. The Mohs rating of Ceramic Pro’s hardness is above 9H, and the highest rating on the scale is actually a 9H. Such a hardness rating indicates that Ceramic Pro is strong enough to protect against debris impacts as hard as stone chips and other scratches.

Ceramic Pro also beats waxes and sealants where they fail: temperature resistance. Ceramic Pro is so resilient that it will not be harmed in any way under 750°C. This means that even the hottest surface on a plane or helicopter will continue to remain protected by Ceramic Pro for life.

Ceramic Pro's Diversity

Ceramic Pro’s consistent track record and effectiveness make it one of the best products to use for aviation care. The best part about Ceramic Pro is that it isn’t limited to just permanent protection. Ceramic Pro also comes in leather, glass, and rubber protection products. They even have products in the same range for maintenance coatings, clean polish, and air purification.

Investing in Ceramic Pro will insure that the exterior and interior value of your plane, jet, or helicopter is insured in the long-run.

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